Life Style

Life Style shoots are one of our favorites. This is a type of shoot that we take video and photos of you living life. At you house sitting on the patio, doing yard work, playing with your kids in the backyard, hunting, fishing, playing sports, anything that defines you is a life style shoot.

Image getting an aerial view of you and you kids fishing together on a pier at the lake.

Or playing at the park with you son!

These are our favorite because we get to film you doing what you love to do. Rarely do you get to see what you look like doing your regular life just being you. You’ve seen pictures of you at birthday parties, and weddings, and graduation parties but those are all staged. Life style shots are peaceful, calming, and fun. And, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. We have packages to work with almost any budget.

Give us the opportunity to film you just being you, film you family just being a family and you will cherish those videos and photos forever. You get a more complete picture (pun intended) of who you are and who your family is by using aerial photography. Using a drone helps tell a story with more excitement then traditional photography can without costing that much more.


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