J 1:9 Aerial Media can offer inspection footage, aerial video as well as routine progress videos to offer your clients a view of actual progress being made for you construction projects.

If you own or managed a construction company, you have a lot of people to answer too on a daily basis. Your boss, investors, the client, inspectors, and all the trades people that need to know the progress of the project. Still photos can’t capture most of the progress being made because generally, the site is too large for a few pictures here or a video from the

J 1:9 Aerial Media has the perfect solution for this problem that many construction companies face, aerial photography utilizing drones. Drones are cost effective and safe while flown by a professional. Using a drone on a construction site can get photos and video that wasn’t accessible until just recently. Having a drone on your construction site will help you manage a progress report in a very simple, and easy to understand way.

Imagine having a drone come to your construction site once a day, or once a week and take a short video and some pictures. You will be able to hand these pictures and videos to everyone on the construction site that needs a progress report. A picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many fewer words you will need to say when it comes to progress reports if you use J 1:9 Aerial Media for your progress reports.  If your interested in more about drones in constructions, check out this article on

J 1:9 Aerial Media is committed to provide outstanding customer service. We are  professional, reliable, FAA licensed to fly commercially, knowledgeable, and fully insured.

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