White Label

Do you have a business already that offers photography or video services?  Would you benefit from the use of a drone occasionally?  Now you can offer your clients all that a full service drone company can and and use out white label service to be represented by your company.  this allows you to use a professional drone pilot and high end drone while keeping your customers loyalty and ease of use at a premium.


J 1:9 Aerial Media provides White Label products for our clients. If you are a photographer and want to offer aerial photography and video without having to learn how to fly it, figure out how to take great photos and video, and get licensed we can help.

Your photography company can hire J 1:9 Aerial Media and we will provide an aerial product for you and you can place your name, logo, and market it as yours for an extra fee.

White Label

Aerial photography and video is an emerging industry that pairs well with general photography. The only caveat to that is it take a lot of studying, a lot of practice and a lot of patience and determination to get good. Photographers, you have you specialties that you’ve worked long and hard on. You have fine tuned your craft and continue to make it better for your customers. Instead of learned a whole new skill with all new regulations, let the experts at J 1:9 Aerial Media provide a service your customers want but you aren’t currently providing. Allow us to use our expertise to shoot high quality aerial photos and videos to complement your business. Out White label service allows for us to do all the work, hand it to you to do with it what you please taking full credit for the product.

Ask us how we can make it easy for you to offer professional aerial photos and videos using our White Label Products.