My Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic

Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support for my latest mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Our mission trip, sponsored by Hands For Hope was a trip to remember.
Our mission was to go down to the Dominican Republic and share the love of God with the people of El Prado, to help make improvements to Pastor Raul’s school to attract more students to the school, and also to make the buildings more usable.  I was was given the opportunity to bring my Phantom 4 Pro drone with me to give people an an depth look at what we are doing in El Prado, and the impact that Pastor Raul and his team are having on the community.

Centro Evangelico El Prado
God blessed us many times over while on this trip, including getting everyone home safe, just not all at the same time. We left Chicago with 9 people excited and ready to work for the Lord, but within 48 hours and 2 hospital visits later, our crew was down to 7.
One guy cut his finger taking down a wall and had to go to the hospital and get 6 stitches. He was able to return and help us finish the mission. Shortly after that we had another member have to go to the hospital because he couldn’t catch his breath.  It turned out he had a tear in his lung and wasn’t able to get enough oxygen. He had to make an emergency trip home. Another team member accompanied him home where he had to stay 3 days in a hospital in Orlando.
Everyone ended up being okay and they were able to return home. We definitely felt the impact of having 1 member at limited duty and 2 members leave completely.  We all had to rely on each other and God even more in order to continue on.
We were able to get the new surface put on the sports court. This involved over 4000 pounds of bagged cement, mixed with rock, sand, and water to make concrete all mixed in a motorized mixer, then poured using wheel barrows. Very tough work, but we got it accomplished a day before the school was having a summer student recognition ceremony which was done on the sports court. We also helped take a wall down to enlarge their kitchen to more easily feed the 200+ kids that attend the school on a regular basis. In addition to taking a wall down to enlarge a room, we also raised the roof to try to dissipate some of the heat from all the cooking in the kitchen, and also put up a ceiling to try and keep some of the heat coming off of the metal roof from coming into the building.
The people in this community have so little, yet they have such a solid faith and belief that God will lead them down the right path. It’s inspiring to be around people who know that God will show them the way and not to worry about things they can’t control. God will provide and they believe that wholeheartedly.
It takes so little to make a big impact on the school and on the community down there. I want to thank everyone who prayed, thought about, talked about and financially supported us in our mission. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to go and help build God’s kingdom.

Hand pouring concrete for new sports court
Please keep the school in El Prado as well as Pastor Raul and the many people that support him in his ministry to help bring kids to God in your prayers. If you are looking for additional ways to support the school in the Dominican Republic please visit handsforhope.us. They are looking for classroom sponsors of $25.00/month (or more) which will help pay the teachers salaries, as well as help buy school supplies. Hands for Hope is also always looking for gently used clothes, coats, backpacks, shoes/boots and new socks and underwear for Street life ministries (serving the underprivileged/homeless in Milwaukee WI).
Thanks again for all of the ways you have all provided support. I’d love to share more details of my trip so if you have any questions or interest please feel free to reach out.