Industry Examples We Service

Above All Else Photography caters to a number of industries.  Here are just a few examples of users of our drone services:

Life Style

Life Style shoots are one of our favorites. This is a type of shoot that we take video and photos of you living life. At you house sitting on the patio, doing yard work, playing with your kids in the backyard, hunting, fishing, playing sports, anything that defines you is a life style shoot.

These are our favorite because we get to film you doing what you love to do. Rarely do you get to see what you look like doing your regular life just being you. You’ve seen pictures of you at birthday parties, and weddings, and graduation parties but those are all staged. Life style shots are peaceful, calming, and fun. And, they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. We have packages to work with almost any budget.

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Life Style


Above All Else Photography provides photos and videos for Auctions and Auctioneers. We are able to help with advertising before the auction and take aerial photos and videos of the auction lot to give your potential attendees the ability to look at the extent of the auction lot.

The name of the game in auctions is to get people excited about what you auctioning. You have to get your audiences attention in order to get them excited to 1: show up, and 2: want to bid.





Winter Sports

Above All Else Photography provides photos and videos for all types of winter sports. This includes skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, hunting and any number of other activities.   We strive to bring our client’s views that they’ve only dreamed of.

Winter sports are fun and exciting but rarely seen from the air. Drone photography and video brings these dream aerial views of winter sports to reality at an affordable rate.

Winter Sports


Above All Else Photography uses drones for inspections of areas that are too difficult, too dangerous or too impracticable to inspect any other way.

Above All Else is able to use it’s drones to help inspect areas like roofs, power lines, cell towers, large commercial buildings, pipe lines, crash scenes , roads and many others.

Our drones can fly high above areas that it would be dangerous and very expensive to send humans. We are also able to record our flight of these hard to reach places and hand them over to our clients so they can review the inspection.



Residential Real Estate

Above All Else is an expert in aerial photo and video of your residential real estate. We’ve photographed and filmed many different styles and sizes of properties from 800 sq.ft. ranch homes to large lake homes. We know how to showcase the unique attributes of a home using aerial photography and video. If you are trying to sell a piece of residential real estate, contact us at 608-235-5369 or fill out the form below.

Madison Drone Photos

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate transactions can benefit from views that only a drone can bring you.  Whether it is to display properties that have interested buyers that cannot physically get to the location or to access places that would otherwise be inaccessible, Above All Else Photography can get you the images you desire to get your property sold.

Using a drone for you next real estate sale will help get your property seen, and get people more interested in it by showing them a view that they wouldn’t normally see.

Commercial Real Estate

White Label

Above All Photography provides White Label products for our clients. If you are a photographer and want to offer aerial photography and video without having to learn how to fly it, figure out how to take great photos and video, and get licensed we can help.

Your photography company can hire Above All Else Photography and we will provide an aerial product for you and you can place your name, logo, and market it as yours for an extra fee.

Ask us how we can make it easy for you to offer professional aerial photos and videos using our White Label Products.

White Label



Above All Else Photography can offer inspection footage, aerial video as well as routine progress videos to offer your clients a view of actual progress being made for you construction projects.

If you own or managed a construction company, you have a lot of people to answer too on a daily basis. Your boss, investors, the client, inspectors, and all the trades people that need to know the progress of the project. Still photos can’t capture most of the progress being made because generally, the site is too large for a few pictures here or a video from the ground.



Let Above All Else amaze you and your guests with its drones  filming and photographing your big day from the sky. Using drones for wedding photos and videos is the next big thing and can take your wedding photos and videos to the next level, literally.

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