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Why Drone Photography?

Why Drone Photos

Why use drone photography and video to promote your business?

Drones are evolving at an incredible rate. It seems like every day we are hearing of new and exciting ways drones are being used. From real estate photography, business marketing, search and rescue, construction surveying, and package delivery.  Just last week I was readying an article of how police used a drone with thermal optics to help find, and rescue an 84 year old man who went out hunting. His truck got stuck in a ditch, and he ended up falling into a marsh and couldn’t get out. That drone and it’s operators saved his life. When they found him, he was barely conscious. They only reason he survived was the quick thinking of the police to use a drone.Why Drone Photos

Drone are having a large impact on the real estate market as well. Because people are so intrigued by drones and drone photography, they are more apt to share these properties with aerial photos and videos on their social media. Getting more people to view a property is the name of the game to get it sold. Aerial photography can also get the entire house and property in 1 shot. People are always short on time and you have a very limited opportunity to capture someones attention. If you can give them a complete overview of the exterior of the house and property in the first picture, they know right away if it’s a  potential for them or not.Why Drone Photos

Not only can you capture the entire property in 1 shot, you can also see what the neighborhood looks  like in 1 photo from 400 feet up showing it’s proximity to schools, parks, restaurants, and other unique features of the neighborhood. People want to know everything about a property before they go out and look at it. Drone photos and videos help them do just that. If a potential buyer can see the interior photos, they can view the entire overview of the property as well as what the neighborhood looks like, they know what properties they want to look at in person which ones not to look at. This can be a huge time saver for a busy realtor. You don’t want to be showing people houses that don’t fit their needs. Using aerial photography and video helps people choose, or eliminate properties quickly saving everyone’s time. People are inundated with stimuli all day, if you want their attention, you have to show them something different and exciting. Above All Else Photography’s aerial photos and videos does that, it’s different, and very exciting and will capture your audiences attention.

Drones are being used in so many industries and it’s going to continue to grow. If you are looking for a unique, eye catching way to promote your business and it’s products or services, aerial photography and video is the way to go. If you are looking for a quick, safe, cost effective way to inspect roofs, electrical lines, commercial properties, drones are the way to go. You won’t have to worry about someone inspecting a roof and falling through because the condition is unknown, you won’t have to hoist someone up in a lift to inspect electrical lines and worry about them falling off. Keeping peoples feet on the ground is cheaper and safer for everyone Drones can allow this to happen by flying over the roof or electrical lines, or anything else needing inspection with a 4k camera and inspecting it from the air to be reviewed later.

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